About Elder’s Childcare Center

Philosophy of Education

We believe that children have a wonderful capacity to learn and are naturally inquisitive. If these natural qualities are guided in a positive educational direction then the child will be prepared for school and for life. Therefore, we adopt a Holistic approach for a child’s development. This approach recognizes that a child is a whole person. As a whole person the child will have the following basic needs: Physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental. We further believe in a moral base educational curriculum that attempts to install within the child a sense of right and wrong. We believe that all children have the innate capacity to learn. Therefore our curriculum is developed so that all learning domains are employed.

Mission Statement

Elder’s Childcare Center is a childcare program that focuses on providing full services to working parents, with emphasis on convenient hours, as well as educational and social skills development. Our pre-school program will prepare children for kindergarten. This will be accomplished through a moral base educational Curriculum that provides the child the opportunity to learn through creative play, structured teaching, and through loving discipline to grow according to his/her unique development. In addition, our mission is to provide a safe alternative for the working parents.


To ensure that high quality childcare is accessible to all children. Also, to provide a safe, loving environment within our childcare facility for ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.


Elder’s Childcare Center utilizes a Curriculum which is aligned with Maryland State Education Learning Standards. Our curriculum is age appropriate and includes open ended activities, promotes multi-sensory experiences and invites exploration and discovery. We also utilize a Christian Base curriculum as an enrichment.


Our Staff is comprised of well qualified loving, professional teachers and administrators who are dedicated to the development and growth of young children. The blend of talent creativity and enthusiasm encapsulated in this group brings level of excitement to the program. In addition, staff are  required to take continuing education courses in Early Childhood Education and are encouraged to participate in workshops, seminars, etc.

Our staff is committed to working together as a team to implement our stated philosophy, goal, and mission to facilitate the development of each child and to ensure the overall success of the program.

Elder’s Inc. staff will provide loving and attentive care for your child in a safe, clean and healthy environment, with indoor and outdoor play, loosely structured educational experiences and peer group activities. We reply primarily on self-directed play and structured activities because we feel this promotes children’s abilities to develop their own imaginations, to select the types of activities that match with their interests, and to learn to interact with others without constant adult intervention. We will do our best to meet your child’s physical and emotional needs.




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